Fishermen Find Adventure On A Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charter Trip

Fishermen Find Adventure On A Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charter Trip

"Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charter"For people that enjoy to fish and want to experience a true adventure then there is no better place to go than Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. There is an abundance of fish to catch and you can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings as well. One can really find adventure on a Chesapeake Bay fishing charter trip, led by a professional captain and crew who knows exactly where the fish are hiding. The personnel on these charter boats, for the most part, have lived their entire life in the area and really enjoy what they do.

There are over sixty-four thousand square miles of waterway, in the bay, which allows for an abundance of fishing area. Fresh water constantly flows into the bay from a large number of creeks and rivers, maintaining a steady water flow at all times. For the avid angler, there are over 300 different species of fish which include the popular Striped Bass (known as rockfish), blues, trout, White Perch, Hardhead and Spot.

When you go on a fishing charter trip, you will be guided by a fishing boat captain who knows the area, all its coves and places where the fishing is the most productive. Typically, you will be able to catch your limit while enjoying the sport of pulling in spectacular fish. Experience is not required in the art of fishing as the crew will gladly explain what bait to use, whether to troll or bottom fish, and any thing else you may want to know about fishing in the bay.

Another benefit is the beautiful wild life in the area and especially enjoyed is watching the migratory waterfowl. Many people take other family members, who are not anglers, just so they can enjoy the day and see nature at its best. The angler, while waiting for a fish to strike, can also get pleasure from the sights.

Those who are most familiar with the fishing world have heard of the competition that is held each year to see who can catch the biggest striped bass. It has to be 28 inches or longer if entering the April 17-May 17 competition. The largest fish ever caught in this competition weighed 67 pounds, 8 ounces.

Speaking of the fishing world, Chesapeake Bay is known as one of the best fishing places around. It seems whenever people that love to fish meet, there is almost always bragging from one to another about the many big fish they caught while in this area. With such an abundance and variety of fish, there is something to fill anyone’s particular fishing preference.

The Chesapeake Bay fishing charter boats can normally accommodate a large number of people and many like to take their children along to introduce them to the sport of fishing. Poles and other equipment are available for the use of the children. Many family memories are created here and it can be a day that will always be remembered by the entire family and especially the new fisherman.

This area is also known for its large amount of shellfish and crab. After a fun-filled day of fishing, the fishing charter captain can direct you and your guests to one of the many popular restaurants in the area. You can then top the day by enjoying a delightful meal of oysters, blue crab or one of the many other entrees offered.

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